ruby red devil

ruby red devil

Peep-toe shoes
$33 –

Golden jewelry

Lime crime lipstick

Blossom perfume
$130 –

Hair styling tool



Ok so for the past week I have been getting a few views here and there! I know its not a lot but I like to know that someone in the world likes my work! comment on this post suggesting what yall would like to see! more fashion, rants, health, movie and song suggestions, beauty tips? anything yall want! comment down below so I can see what everyone wants! if you want tell your friends. if not cool and can just be us! thanks to everyone!

Untitled #29

Untitled #29

Milly striped dress
$410 –

Red dress

Mary jane shoes

Diamond earrings

White earrings

Bobbi brown cosmetic

Lime Crime lipstick

Lime Crime lipstick

Cheek bronzer

Eau de perfume

Dolce Gabbana dolce gabbana perfume
$100 –